Reviving customer relationships

August 29, 2017



When I started out with fra lippo lippie one of my first ever stores was The Soulsister Amsterdam. It is such a great story how The Soulsister became one of my sales points and I have told you about this more often already. And it's such a long story, I want to share it with you another time.


All I can say about this is that it was meant to be that I was in that store.


Now it's about 4 years later and they still sell my things but it wasn't going so well with the sales. Part of it is that I am mostly in Berlin and I have not taken the time to fully dive into how it was going in the store  (where are the products), the presentation (are the presented attractive enough?) the products (are they still ok? natural products can go off sooner) and that is all my work. The store owner and the people that work there are busy enough as it is.


So when I planned the trip to Amsterdam this time (last week) and my love joined me for the first time, I decided to pay them a visit and bring new things with me.


Turned out that it was a very good move to go there. Miranda, the owner, and Dorette were both there and they are such amazing women. And that is what I love about my job. That I get to meet and talk and learn and listen and share with amazing women that JUST DO IT.


Turned out that a few products had gone off in the mean time. Which meant that they got a few returns and became less enthusiastic about my product. Understably. 


I decided to take everything back that they still had and to replace it with new things. I asked them for tips and advice, showed them the new products (the lip butter and the deodorant and the new lip pigment colours) which they loved! AND they gave me a beautiful new spot on the counter.


I walked away from my meeting with them walking on air. It is really a business of people helping people. Yes the product has to be good. And it's also very much about how serious do I take myself, my business, the store, the store owners. Do I love what I make. Am I proud of what I make. Am I willing to take my losses and do whatever it takes to keep my clients happy.


Yes, yes, yes and yes.




I love my job.


I hope this was somehow valuable for you too. Lots of Love and see you soon in here. 






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