The Macrobiotic way of living

September 1, 2017


As I mentioned in the Instagram post where I announce this blog post of my buckwheat diet eating the Macrobiotic way is the world upside down for me.


Let me explain how.


1 : I always thought that eating too much grains would mean gaining (lots of weight), boring meals with lack of nutrition and a very difficult bowel movement aka stool aka number 2 on the toilet (or is it number one???).


According to Macrobiotic eating you eat lots of grains; 70% of every meal consists out of whole grains.


2: I have read in numerous posts and heard very often that we need to drink lots of water.


According to Macrobiotics you should only drink when you're thirsty and rule of thumb is about 6-8 glasses of water a day. There argument is that you will get enough water through vegetables.


3: I thought that fruits where super healthy and you can eats tons of them. 


According to Macrobiotics you should eat them weekly and not too many of them. What happens in the bowels and the stomach, what I read and heard also from my Naturopath, is because of the temperature of our Bowels the fruits turn into alcohol when inside of us. My eye white and the way I felt of late is proof of fruits not doing me much good.


I have been off fruits for over a week and I skin cleared, my eye white look better and I feel much better.


I choose to eat mainly plant based so that means that the occasional meat will not enter my body.

If you do eat meat and dairy and fish and other animal produce than the tip according to Macrobiotics is eat these products monthly.


I am curious if you will adopt a more Macrobiotic lifestyle. It has been two weeks since I have eaten like this and it really works for me. Also the lover loves eating like this.


I will share dishes and recipes in here too. And if it's taking too long and you would like some tips yesterday than send me an email, I'm very happy to share recipes, experiences and tips with you.


Here is a free pdf I found with Macrobiotic food recommendations. 


Lots of Love and Health.







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