How to get beautiful soft lips

September 6, 2017


A beautiful skin starts with food. That is something most of us know. Beautiful hair and nails too, but somehow it doesn't show so fast as the skin of the face. At least with me. 

What I recently found out is that also beautiful shiny and soft lips start with the health of your inside. The health of your organs.


About a week ago I wrote about the 10 day buckwheat challenge that I did. Ever since I started with this challenge I have been eating buckwheat every day, not so strict as in the diet, I just use it instead of bread and or other "bad" wheat products. And wonderful and very welcome change that I have seen in my skin complexion and my weight it's easy to keep this going. 


By the way, next to eating lots of buckwheat products and other whole grains, I drink a very minimal amount of water, I get in a lot of liquid through the foods I eat. The buckwheat products and grains are soaked in water and or made with water, like buckwheat pancakes, and in that way we also take in water. This is according to the Macrobiotic teachings the best way of eating. In this blogpost you can see the Macrobiotic pyramid of food choices. You can also go for just or mainly plant based like I do.


I didn't even notice the change in my lips until two days ago or so. Normally at the end of the day I have dry lips. This was standard and I never thought much of it. And since I have a lot of skin and lip nourishment I just got out whatever I felt I needed and put it on.


And I still used it, only now not because I have to, now it is because I want to and it enhances my already healthy and juicy looking lips.


I am still all for whatever we want to put on our face and our lips and in our hair and on our skin. I wish for you, as well as for myself that we only do this because we want to. Because we love that smell of the hair oil, the texture of the lip butter, or the fresh feel of the mask on our face. 


This is a picture I found when looking for more information on organ health. Our face tells us which organs are not functioning a 100 percent. And if you notice that there's something going on with one of them, do your body a favour and solve this with foods and not with medicine. It might take a little longer, the benefit is bigger in the long run.








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