The Power of the Heart

September 12, 2017



I'm alone at home for a couple of days. The love is on a bike tour. And while I love living together I notice that the things that I would like to do when I come home, like watching inspirational video's, reading, writing, etc. suffer a bit from this.


Not now :-D now the challenge is, what to do first. Since I also have a lot of books laying around that want to enter itself into my brain, heart and soul.


I found this interview through checking what the latest interviews where on Wisdom from North. I love her interviews and every now and again I binge watch a few. I also like Jannecke a lot, she is so authentic it's a joy watching her.


The Power of the Heart is a book and a movie (I haven't seen it yet) that come from the mind of Baptist de Pape. He's a Dutchie (should you wonder where his accent's from) who chose insecurity over a heart based business.


Have fun with the interview!



Lots of Love,








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