The Deodorant "Drama" & charcoal latte's

September 26, 2017



Making new products mostly means making (new) mistakes. And although I don't believe in real mistakes, I believe in failing forward, there are things happening in this phase that I'd rather skipped. But then I wouldn't have an entertaining story to tell you.

So it's good for something after all.


Somewhere last year I decided that I also wanted to offer a deodorant in my skin care line. I still had a brand with an amazing logo, a mermaid, which was designed by my tattoo artist Nancy. Who works only with vegan ink. 

It was pretty straight forward making the deodorant and there it was. Finished.

I sold a couple of them to stores and private persons and it was a great formula, because everyone gave me praise for this deo. Friends, family, sales points ánd strangers.


But I wasn't completely satisfied. I wanted to make something that was more special with ingredients that were more special like bentonite clay and calamine powder and less of sodium bi carbonate. 

And that's when the "drama" began. Let me tell you  the short version of the story.


I handed out samples of my new creation. One of them, let's call her T, is the co-owner of one of the shops that sells my products. It didn't work on her.


Another store owner, called F, didn't like the smell of the new deodorant.

And the mother of my love, Sebastian, tested the new one too. This new deodorant wasn't working nearly as well as the old one that I gifted her before.


I wanted to cry. And I did. And after I cried I went on with it.

I made four or five new versions. And with version something was  "wrong". And the what was wrong, was different according to whom you would talk. Or listen to.  


Until finally dear F, the one that didn't like the smell, gave me some essential oil testers to play with.

Essential oils that she loves ánd that are loved by most women buying products there. So I designed a new one. With the oils she so much loves.


And T, who loved the old deodorant best the simple one from before, I happied her by making this one again. So everything's changed. Or back to normal. Depends on how you look at it.

Main thing, everybody's happy. So I'm happy too. Exhausted .... ;-) but happy.


Moral of the story, I am super grateful for my partners. For the women that believe in me and my products and that want to help me in any way they can. With feedback, with essential oils, with patience and care.


And another tip I received, which I think is brilliant and I hope you will like it too, is to make a black deodorant. And I did some research I can make it with medicinal charcoal, which draws toxins out of your body. At the moment a lot of new products pop up containing medicinal charcoal. Toothpaste, face masks (I have one from Lush) and .... Charcoal Latte.


Apparently the new trend in drinks. Detoxifying, Dark and (I guess) Delicious.



Thanks for reading, see you next time.













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