Three minutes to whiter teeth, without the {super} high dentist expenses.

October 3, 2017




Your teeth are next to your eyes and your mouth a very important feature. It's one of the things people see the first. When you talk, when you smile and the whiter your smile the more attractive.

At least that's what I think. And you might be with me.


If you are, than you probably also tried a couple of things to get them whiter? I do hope you only tried these nasty toothpastes, that promise to whiten your teeth but secretly wreck them, for about a day or two. If you're still using them, PLEASE ditch them.


Your teeth are one of the few things that never heal themselves. Our skin, our hair, our nails. Everything heals itself. But not our teeth. There's a fancy word for it that I forgot. And it doesn't matter, it's about the message.


I have bought activate charcoal to make black deodorants. My first thought was that black deodorants are very helpful when wearing black clothes.


There's nothing more embarrassing ... ehm ... it is also very embarrassing when you wear something black and you have white stains on your black dress, shirt, sweater. 


Some extra research about the activated charcoal informed me about the detoxifying properties of this magical powder ánd it doesn't only detoxify your skin (it's also used in plenty of masks) it also whitens your teeth in a natural way.


But. AND. Do not do what I did. You can use it but only as a mask for your teeth. I brushed my teeth with it and yes they looked very white afterwards. And very scary during. My Sebastian said: "Baby, I don't think you should brush  with it." I argued that it was natural. But something rang true about what he said. So I decided to check what dr. Google had to say. And he was right.


Mind you I always use my gut feeling in combination with dr. Google, I don't just believe anything he has to say.


I found out that the best way of using activated charcoal to brush your teeth is make a paste out of it, put it on your teeth, let it set for a few minutes, as you would do with a face-mask and rinse.


I hope you found this article helpful. You can either buy the activated charcoal in tablets or in capsules or you can wait until I launch my deodorant and you will get a sample sachet of powder to try it out for yourself.


By the way, the deo is finished (see Instagram) and will be tested this week by me, Sebastian and some dear friends. I will share the findings with you in here.


If you already know you want her then you can pre-order her here.


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Thank you for reading.


With love,








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