Women Vs Men

August 2, 2018


Do you have feminist friends? Or maybe you consider yourself a feminist?  What is it that you believe about men? What if I was to tell you, that you have been playing the exact same game that the Patriarchy has been playing all these years and you're not helping but you are creating more division between the two wholes that can create the most wonderful of creations, another (human) being.


And when you're a man and reading this here now, how do you feel about women in general? Do you think they are easy and gentle? Do you love to be around them? Or do they scare you and you just get along with them because of the ecstasy they can bring you in? 


Both of us sexes on the other side of the gender spectrum have good ánd limiting beliefs about the other sexe. These are spoonfed by the people around you - when they're limiting that is.


My guess is that most of your positive beliefs come from your own brain and heart. From the fact that you have been thinking about why your relationships with the other sexe are at (a lot of??) times troublesome.


And then you came to the conclusion that, like about money, your mother in law, working out, your beautiful body .... you have been repeating thoughts again and again that turned into limiting beliefs. And when you found that out you started to deliberately choose other thoughts so that you now have positive and great beliefs of which you see reflected the magic in your every day life. Right?


Teal Swan wrote a master piece about the Divine Feminine vs the Divine Masculine which was shared to me by a dear male friend.


Please don't trip over the terminology. You can also say women and men or queens and kings. Whichever way you roll it boils down to the same.





Enjoy the article and please forward it to anyone you know. The more people are aware of how we treat each other and how to get in wonderful supportive relationships with one another the better.



Photo by Kirstyn Paynter on Unsplash




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