Curiosity allows the cat to make an educated choice

Hey there, welcome here and I'm happy you're curious to learn more about veganism. I personally love to learn and I'm always curious about learning and the wiser I get the more I question things. At one point I decided to start living mainly plantbased. Listen to this short fragment to know why and what.

Something that used to be a no-brainer, eating cheese and meat changed when I started thinking about what meat and cheese in fact is and how it is made. And also why we think it's normal to do what we always did. Just because it has always been done? If we look closely at a lot of things that were always done just because everybody did them; a lot of those things have changed because people started questioning why we did those things. And eating and using animal produce is one of those things that are not normal for me anymore. A living being gave it's life because we felt like eating it. Which gets increasingly painful for me to think about. Not to talk about how we treat a large part of animals.

If you've read My Story of how I launched fra lippo lippie then you know that most make-up contains animal produce. The amazing thing is, you don't have to be a vegan to use vegan make-up. If that's five bridges too far, for now, then start with vegan make-up and body care. If you care for our furry brothers and sisters, but you're not ready (yet) to give up eating steak and cheese then start with this. Our animal friends and I will thank you for it.

Underneath a few FAQ's:


1. What is vegan make up? Make up that does not contain any animal produce.

2. Why should I use vegan make up? You don't have to of course, I do it is because it is a gentle, loving and respectful option. And it contains a lot of plant-goodness that mother nature has to offer us.

3. What kind of animal produce does regular make up contain? It is possible that it contains pigs fat, bees wax, sheep fat and even whale sperm.

4. But bees wax or sheep fat isn't so bad is it? That is something that you have to decide for yourself. I us, make and offer only vegan make up, because it is our choice to make ourselves prettier. There is no questionnaire handed out to the bees, sheep, pigs and whales if they would be willing to offer a piece of themselves in order to beautify us ;-)

If you have any other questions, feel free to drop me a line at:

Why I became Vegan - Monique Balmatie Jagroe
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